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Post-Op Instructions

To a varying degree some swelling, bleeding, black and blueness, difficulty opening the mouth and some discomfort are a natural result of surgery. This may be kept to a minimum by following the instructions outlined below.


Do not drink any alcohol or carbonated beverages (soda)  for at least 24 hours.


Drink plenty of fluids. Do not use a straw. Do not chew until your numbness is gone.  Maintain a soft diet for 3-4 days.


Do not spit, forcefully rinse, suck through straws, or gargle for the rest of the day. You may brush the remaining teeth as usual. No commercial mouthwash is to be used for 7 days.


Do not smoke for at least 48 hours.


You should expect some oozing, but if bleeding persists, place a square of folded guaze over the surgical site and close the jaw firmly for 45 minutes.  Repeat if necessary. Remain quiet and keep head elevated. Biting on a moist tea bag wrapped with guaze or a paper towel may be of benefit.


Swelling may be kept to a minimum by applying an ice pack to the face over the surgical site for a 20 minute period followed by a 20 minute, no ice period.  This routine should be used for 36 hours.


Pain can be relieved by taking the medication prescribed or recommended.  Pain medications should be used with caution, especially while driving or working.  Please do not do anything that requires alert reactions and sound judgement when using a narcotic pain medicine.


After 48 hours you may begin using warm salt water rinses as often as you can which will promote healing.


Resting on the day of surgery is of great benefit following most surgeries.


Do not hesitate to call for advice or information if an unusual incident occurs.

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